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The Scripture Engagement wiki site fits into a context of Christian ministries. Increasingly, Christians around the world are working together in multicultural partnership across denominational, organizational, and national boundaries to share experiences and insights, partner in cooperative projects, develop training materials, and encourage one another. The goal of Scripture Engagement is positive spiritual change in the lives of communities and individuals through their interaction with the Christian God through His Word in the most effective languages and media. This focus unites Christian workers and ministries. The Scripture Engagement wiki site aims to facilitate their interaction.

Note: This site is not the place for debating belief systems. The site is intended as a forum for people who are in general agreement about the basic tenets of the Christian faith. As we get the site going, we are temporarily borrowing the Christianity Knowledge Base's outline of a Christian point of view, and are asking that your contribution reflect that point of view. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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